TeamScaler is a talent acquisition partner for start-ups and scale-ups, helping to hire game shifting talent quickly, and cost-effectively and help find that one critical hire to accelerate business growth.

Project Overview

  • Client: TeamScaler
  • Sector: Tech & Recruitment
  • Category: Brand & Web Design
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The Challenge

TeamScaler asked us to create a new brand identity and to design and develop a new online presence that would compete in a very competitive market. The new brand identity had to be created in a flexible way that could easily adapt and develop as the business grows. From the initial consultation, we established that the style had to be visually striking, cutting edge and vibrant.

The Solution

We kicked off the body of work with an online meeting to discuss project requirements and parameters for the brand and website design phases. Deadline dates and budgets were agreed upon before we began the research stage. Competitive and comparative analysis was presented along with persona development and task analysis report.

After we defined and researched the project, we continued to move into the concept exploration phase. A number of ideas were presented to gauge client feedback on the style direction and content creation. Sitemaps and wireframes were created at this stage to agree on the structure and information architecture of the website.


The Result

A full brand identity including brand colours, typefaces and photography direction was established and a brand identity document was created. This helped us to apply the graphic style to the website while keeping consistency and the design style on brand. The project was completed by designing brand elements into Canva allowing the client to create promotional items for both print and digital marketing.