TeacholaTM helps expat teachers in Asia by offering a wide range of quality-assured teaching jobs and helping teachers improve their careers through professional development opportunities

Project Overview

  • Client: Teachers For Asia
  • Sector: Education, Teacher Placement, Training
  • Category: Brand & Web Design
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The Challenge

As Teachers For Asia, the company had already established itself as a leading provider of teaching jobs and professional development opportunities for expat teachers in Asia. However, with their expansion into new markets and locations, they needed a brand that would better reflect their global reach and position them for further growth. They also wanted to differentiate themselves from other teacher placement companies and highlight the quality and support they offer to teachers.

The Solution

We worked closely with the team at TeacholaTM to understand their goals and vision for the company. Through market research and branding exercises, we helped them develop a new brand strategy and identity that would better align with their target audience and position them for success in the global market.

We started by conducting a comprehensive market analysis to understand the competitive landscape and identify unique positioning opportunities. We then worked with the TeacholaTM team to define their brand personality and messaging, and developed a visual identity that reflected their values and mission.

We also provided guidance on how to roll out the new brand effectively, including creating brand guidelines and a plan for implementing the new look and feel across all touchpoints.

The Result

The rebranding effort was a success, and TeacholaTM has seen significant growth in the years following the launch of their new brand. The new visual identity and messaging have helped them stand out in a crowded market and attract more qualified candidates to their teaching jobs. The company has also received positive feedback from teachers who appreciate the support and resources provided through the TeacholaTM professional development program.

Overall, the rebranding effort has helped TeacholaTM achieve their goals of global expansion and solidifying their position as a leading provider of teaching jobs and professional development opportunities for expat teachers.