Strathmore Technology

Strathmore is an agile, international emerging technology recruitment company with clients across North America and Ireland. Working with leading enterprises, IPOs and acquisitions, and ground-breaking start-ups

Project Overview

  • Client: Strathmore Technology
  • Sector: Tech & Manufacturing
  • Website: Chorus
  • Category: Brand Development
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The Challenge

Strathmore Technology Recruitment uses data-driven research to match company expansion plans with candidates’ backgrounds and aspirations, paying close attention to the cultural fit. They contacted us to create a new cutting-edge brand identity to reflect the ever-evolving technology landscape. We began by researching their sector and understand the services that they offer.

The Solution

We began by creating a design brief and deciding on a clear, strategic direction to position Strathmore Technology Recruitment ahead of its competitors. We researched colour theory and experimented with typography selection and pairings for both digital and print formats. We refined the mountain iconography to represent progress and metrics.

We created a brand guideline document, logo pack, and UI style guide including .css stylesheet to implement into the new website. All web optimised assets were supplied in .svg, .jpg and .png formats for different media query breakpoints. Circular Std and Gotham .webfonts were supplied to keep the brand consistent across all browsers, platforms, and devices.

The Result

We finished up this project by also designing interactive HTML5 web banners in skyscraper, leaderboard, MPU and DMPU formats with clicktags and metrics. Graphic branded assets were also created for profile icons and banner headers for use on social platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.