Motorola is a leading global communications company that creates and innovates technology solutions to keep communities and businesses safe. With the most advanced and reliable radios on the market, Motorola radios are engineered to work flawlessly in the toughest of conditions.

Project Overview

  • Client: EARS Plc
  • Sector: Tech & Manufacturing
  • Category: Digital Strategy
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The Challenge

Working together with EARS Plc, one of Motorola’s largest two-way radio partners, we were commissioned to discover sector-specific insights that would allow EARS Plc to engage and convert suitable leads into purchasing or hiring customers. Due to the nature of long-term contracts and already established database of clients, Motorola also an opportunity to reach out, educate and re-engage with existing customers.

The Solution

We ran a one-day strategy workshop with the client to ascertain their currents business needs and strategies. This helped us quickly identify that a digital approach was to be used instead of the traditional routes that the customer currently used. We could promptly monitor, measure, and amend the digital offering depending on metrics and analytics received.

We developed a 12-month digital marketing strategy that would target key customers in each of their 12 sectors. It was essential to create and supply rich content that was tailored with relevant information about the features and benefits of sector-specific radios. A user experience (UX) session was executed with resulted in the creation of 12 mobile responsive landing pages. These were rapidly designed, coded, and prototyped on a group of users before refining for client and end-user approval. We also ran an A/B split test so we could tweak and optimise content and layout each month. The landing pages consisted of a lead capture form offering a different prize each month, supported by social media campaigns and animated posts to drive traffic to enter the competition.

The Result

We developed an email marketing campaign to help the client follow up, and direct customers toward the dedicated sales funnel. Using a three-step process that turned visitors into customers – Introducing Motorola to new customers, educating and reconnecting with existing customers and closing the deal with ready to purchase/hire customers.