Emperks is an online platform offering business owners the opportunity to reward and incentivise their staff with big discounts and rewards on their fuel, tyres, insurance and servicing costs.

Project Overview

  • Client: Emperks
  • Sector: Education & Finance
  • Category: Brand & Web Design

The Challenge

Emperks contacted us to help refine an existing logo and brand strategy. After conducting a brand audit and researching the competitive landscape, we provided suggestions on the best practices and direction to complete this project. We quickly signed-off on the new brand refresh and moved onto mapping out the user flow and customer journey of the site. Information architecture (IA) was prepared and task analysis completed before we initiated the user interface design.

The Solution

We proposed building a rapid Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the market and understand user insights and to determine if there was an interest or need for this digital product. We created a rapid prototype and went out to test within a week. This uncovered some valuable user insights and allowed us to feed these findings into the next planned phase of the project.

We visualised and gained client approval for each page (desktop, tablet and mobile) with live content before we started to develop the website. Interactive map of tyres, services and insurance dealerships was created to help the user understand what offers and discounts where available. We developed in a way that was easy for the client to update and for businesses to request a demonstration of the platform before signing up.

The Result

Emperks teamed up with Circle K, a leader with over 450 stations in the petroleum industry along with various smaller local motor services in the community to drive interest and brand awareness. By integrating automated systems and existing applications, this helped to keep development time and costs down to a minimum while freeing up resources to market and onboard both businesses and end-users.