My process is simple but highly effective.

Before I open a computer or put pen to paper, I make sure that I understand your business, what makes you tick, your points of pain, long-term business goals/objectives, and current trends within your industry.





I closely follow the Double Diamond approach of the Design Council. It’s been slightly adapted to work better with my lean, agile approach. With every project, I focus on Discover, Define, Design, and Deliver. To get the most effective results, you need to bridge the gap between strategy and creativity.

I closely model our creative process on the Design Councils Double Diamond’ approach. This has been slightly adapted to better suit our lean and agile approach to problem-solving. With every project, I focus on four main areas – Discover, Define, Design and Deliver. The left side of the diagram is strategic and very important not to omit as it’s easy to come up with a solution before properly understanding the problem. The right side is where we begin to solve the identified issue through creativity. To create the best outcomes it’s important to bridge the gap between strategy and creativity.

01. Discover

We’ll schedule a quick call and fill out a short briefing document to see if we’re a good fit and if we can help to achieve your business goals. Project requirements, timelines, and budget are agreed and 50% deposit is paid to lock in your project.

02. Define

At this stage, we define your project parameters and deliverables along with creating a brand strategy to evaluate your existing brand, review competitors’ branding in your sector, and discuss mood boards for creative direction.

03. Design

Based on the insights gathered at the previous stage, I will create a few initial design concepts and present a direction that your brand could take. After client feedback and revisions of ideas, I will refine the selected option for your final approval.

04. Deliver

Artwork files are prepared in various formats and colours after project sign-off, print-ready .pdf  files are created and website files are migrated to your server with a handover document. The remainder of the payment is due 30 days after completion.

Why a business should invest in branding

Your brand is how your business is perceived by your customers, users, and employees. Influencing those perceptions is the key to shaping behavior, and behavior impacts your bottom line.

Indentify Better Clients

Identify customers that are aligned with your purpose and positioning.

Close Sales Easier

Give your sales team the advantage to close deals with confidence

Command Premium Prices

Improve customer perception & increase your monetary value

Attract The Best Talent

A strong brand attracts the most motivated and talented employees

Differentiate from Competitors

Communicate clearly why your brand is superior to your competitors.

Improve Brand Equity

Branding has a measurable effect on share price and value of assets